Mega Millions Lottery

With so many different worldwide lotteries, choosing one to take part in can be a difficult choice, that is unless you live in America, where the most preferred one to play for millions of people each every Tuesday and Friday is the Mega Millions Lottery.

You can purchase Mega Millions lottery tickets in all 42 US as well as in the jurisdictions of both Columbia and the U. S. Virgin Islands. With this lottery being an inter-state one the jackpots can and very regularly do grow to some jaw dropping amounts of cash.

The draw is made using a computer and via this devices’ random number generator a set of lottery balls/numbers are drawn out, and as such you can be 100% confident that each ticket you purchase has an equal chance of winning.

Purchasing Mega Millions Lottery Tickets

The price of a ticket to enter the Mega Millions Lottery is only going to cost you the princely sum of $1.00, which makes it a very cost effective lottery to play, and with literally thousands of retail outlets selling the tickets across the US, you are never far away from one of them, so you have no excuse not to give this lottery a try!

However there is one online site which we highly recommend should you wish to enter the lottery from the comfort of your own home, and that site is Win Trillions website, which is one of the best online lottery ticket outlets enabling you to purchase tickets to dozens of different worldwide lotteries.

The draw is made up of two different parts, and you will need to be aware of the structure of the Mega Millions lottery before you purchase a ticket. You will first need to get yourself a lottery slip, and then in the first section pick out five different numbers from one to fifty six.

The second part of the lottery slip will have the numbers one to forty six printed upon in, and from this pool of numbers you need to pick just one of them.

Once you have done this and marked off your lottery slip simply have the slip and your $1 bill over to the store assistant who will then give you an official entry ticket, which you will need to keep safely in case it is a winning one!

Mega Millions Lottery Prize Structure

There are several different cash prizes to be won on each Mega Millions draw, and the amount of cash you can win is dependent on how many numbers you have matched with those drawn out of the lottery machine.

To give you an insight into the prizes along with the actual odds of winning any one of them, we have listed the entire prize structure below for you, starting with the lowest cash prizes on offer and moving upto the jackpot payouts.

Your overall chances of winning any cash prize payout on the Mega Millions draw is one in forty, however the odds of winning any one particular prize is as follows:

If you manage to match no main number but do match the bonus number then you will win a prize of $2.00, the odds of winning this lowest cash prize payout on the Mega Millions draw is 1 in 75.

Matching one main number and the one bonus ball will result in you winning yourself a $3 cash prize payout, the odds of winning this prize is 1 in 141, so not an impossible task at those odds!

Moving onto the next largest payout in the prize paying structure is the $7 in cash payout for matching three of the main numbers and the bonus ball, the odds of you doing this is 1 in 306.

If you manage to match two main numbers and the bonus ball then your cash prize payout jumps to a modest $10, the odds of you actually achieving this when playing the Mega Millions draw is 1 in 844.

There are two payouts of $150 which can be won on the Mega Million lottery draw, and these are for matching either three of the main numbers along with the bonus ball, or for matching four of the main numbers but no bonus ball. The odds of you winning either of the payouts are 1 in 13,781 for the former and 1 in 15,313 for the latter.

Large Payouts and Jackpots

Whilst the fact and figures relating to the payouts and prize structure we have already shown you for the Mega Millions draw may seem some what modest, you will always get a chance to win on of the larger cash prizes or the jackpot when you take part in this twice weekly lottery draw.

Below are the biggest prize payouts which you may be lucky enough to win, along with the actual odds of you winning any one of them when purchasing just one single Mega Millions lottery ticket.

The odds of you matching four of the main numbers and the bonus number are 1 in 689,065, however if you do beat the odds then you will win a winning cash payout of some $10,000, which is a fair sized payout for a $1 investment!

A huge payouts of some $250,000 is awarded to those Mega Millions lottery players who manage to match all five of the main numbers but not having the matching bonus ball. The odds of you doing that are quite huge however, and they work out at 1 in 3,904,701.

The top prize jackpot is paid to any person who manages to match all of the five main numbers along with the additional bonus ball.

It should be pointed out however that the actual odds of you being lucky enough to bag the jackpot payout are quite huge, in fact they work out at 1 in 175,711,536, so do not expect to win this Mega Million lottery very often, but as long as you have purchased a ticket then you do have a chance!

Mega Millions With Bitcoins

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